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Holiday Entertaining: Turkey, Sides & Prime Rib Recipes

Whether you’re a holiday entertaining pro, or cooking your first-ever holiday meal, our easy-to-follow videos will make you a star this holiday!

Video 1: How to Make A Perfect Oven-Roasted Turkey

Try this easy high-temp recipe to keep your turkey moist and skin crispy

Video 2: Three Thanksgiving Side Dishes

These 3 fun and easy side dishes will give you something delicious and different this year!

Video 3: Easiest Prime Rib Recipe Ever!

33% of America celebrates holidays with beef and prime rib has become a staple on the Christmas table. Try this easy prime rib recipe for perfect rib every time!

Video 4: Beef Au Jus for Prime Rib

Follow this quick and easy recipe for perfect Au Jus to complement your holiday prime rib