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Holiday Entertaining: How to Cook a Turkey or a Ham

Whether you’re a holiday entertaining pro, or cooking your first-ever ham, our easy-to-follow videos will make you a star this holiday!

Video 1: How to Cook Turkey Part 1

Learn how to prepare and cook your turkey with simple seasonings so that it comes out moist and flavorful every time

Video 2: All About the Gravy – How to Cook Turkey Part 2

Become a turkey gravy pro! Use these simple steps to create perfect gravy, customized to your preferences, in easy-to-follow steps

Video 3: How to Cook a Ham

Learn how to bake a juicy holiday ham with glaze in easy step-by-step instructions

Video 4: Honey Baked Ham Recipe

Learn how to make a honey glaze and cook your spiral–sliced ham so it tastes as good as the famous name brand!