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Coupon Policy

The following policy has been established in order to keep our prices low, remain competitive and ensure availability of product for all of our customers.


  • • Manufacturer's (MFR) coupons must match exactly to items' specifications: size, variety, flavor, # of units, etc. We accept only one MFR coupon per purchased item.
  • • MFR coupons that are printed in our flyers cannot be combined with other MFR coupons.
  • • There is a limit of (3) identical Coupons/Per Household/Per Day, including multiple varieties.
  • • Redemption of the coupon may not exceed the final price of the item.
  • • When an item is on sale in our ad, as "Buy One, Get One Free" (BOGO), both items sold in a BOGO deal can be counted toward the requirements of a MFR coupon.
  • → Example:
  •       • 2 MFR coupons (each requiring the purchase of 1 item) can be applied since 2 items are sold in the BOGO deal.
  • • The customer is responsible for sales tax at full retail price and all bottle deposits on the purchases, when applicable, in accordance with Michigan law.
  • • Coupon must be complete with company name or logo, retailer instruction for U.S.A. redemption, expiration date and scannable UPC code.
  • • All coupons should be given to the cashier at the time of checkout and cannot be applied to a previous purchase.
  • • Coupons are accepted for redemption on or before their printed expiration date.
  • • We accept all MFR coupons, even those from other retailers, for specific items, except when those manufacturer's coupons clearly state "good only at" or "redeem only at" another retailer.
  • • Store Management reserves the right to accept or refuse any coupons at its discretion.

Internet Coupons

Valid internet coupons are accepted in accordance with the policy listed above, with the following additional requirements:

  • • BOGO Internet Coupons
  • → We will accept valid "Buy One Get One Free" coupons and other values that have a purchase requirement.
  • • Internet Coupon Value Limits
  • → Internet coupons over $3.00 will be accepted at the discretion of store management.
  • • Free Item Coupons (Internet)
  • → We do not accept Internet coupons for "free" products, as manufacturers no longer issue free item coupons via the internet
  • • Photocopies are not valid.
  • → We only accept the original printing of an Internet coupon.
  • → We do not accept Internet Coupons that do not appear to be original or that will not scan.
  • Spartan Store Website Links
  • → Smart Source Coupons, printed from our website links, contain an Offer I.D, a PIN # and a valid expiration date.
  •       • Valid additional Smart Source coupons, for the same Offer I.D, will be accepted if they have been issued with different PIN #'s.